Interview Sources

Interviews with Amateur Astronomers

Astronomy Today features several interviews with amateur astronomers conducted by Lydia Lousteaux. She specifically targets those who have a true passion for astronomy. Within her interviews she discusses several topics with her interviewee that are astronomically related. I believe that by reading her interviews with actual astronomers will help guide me in the process of interviewing my professor. Also, she does not use the same format of interviewing in each one so there is diversity and many examples of each. Having a guide that is highly related to my blog will be highly beneficial.

Professor Interviews

Machines Like Us is a website that provides science news, exclusive-interviews with researchers and professors, science videos, and several other resources for readers. Machines Like Us reviews and obtains their content from several sources including public news releases, MLU staff, and articles written by scientists, researchers, teachers, and authors. I found that reading other interviews conducted on professors very helpful in developing questions, to in turn, ask my professor.

Interview Magazine is the website of a publication that began back in the 1960’s. The magazine interviews people in various industries including: fashion, music, art, film, culture, video, and nightlife. The site is very diverse and gives thousands of examples of reviews conducted by their professional and respected staff. I will be utilizing this resource mainly to obtain examples of different interview formats. In other words, I believe the site will help me take my interview and put it into text format in the most readable way for the reader.

Interview Instructional Resources

General Guidelines for Conducting Interviews

The Free Management Library website was designed to help individuals, groups, and organizations. Each article submitted to the site is reviewed and evaluated for accuracy. Within the library there are General Guidelines for Conducting Interviews extracted from Adapted from the Field Guide to Consulting and Organizational Development. There are several sections within the excerpt in regard to interviewing: Preparation, types of interviews, topics in interviews, sequencing/wording of questions, carrying out the interview, and immediately preceding the interview. I found the article to be very informational and accurate given the author, Carter McNamara has a PhD.

How to Conduct a Strong Interview

The website, What Kids Can Do was created to benefit young people’s lives, learning, and work. In 2007, What Kids Can Do featured this “tip sheet” on how to conduct a strong interview. The tip sheet explains the interview process from getting ready to wrapping up and following through. I chose this resource specifically because it explains how to develop good questions to help with the interviewer maintain proper structure and flow. Also, the tip sheet covers key points in regard to the dynamics between the interviewer and the interviewee. Most importantly, I plan to record my interview on a device and this resource gives several tips on what device to use and how to use it during the interview.

How to Interview Someone

The blog, “Bad Language: Writing About Writing”, is maintained by the author, Matthew Stibbe.  As CEO of Articulate Marketing and Turbine, he also edits Golf Hotel Whiskey and writes the Forbes Aviator column. Within his blog, the post entitled, “How to Interview Someone”, he supplies information to help an individual with preparation and with the interview itself. The post was very informative given that he uses his personal experiences to give tips on things such as which interview format to use, what kind of questions to ask, and which to avoid.


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