Grant Resources

Foundation Center

The Foundation Center was established in 1956 and is the leading source of information about grantmakers and their grants.  Within the website they offer free online guides, tutorials, basic training courses, and webinars all focused on how to prepare a grant proposal. All of these will be beneficial to me in my research on how to create a successful proposal.

Michigan Humanities Council

The Michigan Humanities Council connects people and supports communities by awarding grants for public humanities and cultural programs. Within their website, they offer many grants from Quick Grants (up to $500) and Planning Grants (up to $1,000) to Major Grant (up to $15,000). Each grant offers the guidelines and requirements for application.

Mira’s List

Mira’s List is a blog which serves as a host of resources for individuals of the arts. Within her blog I found plenty of up-to-date information on many different grants and their deadlines. Also, I noticed she posts several links pertaining to grants and where to find them. Mira’s List will be helpful for analyzing different grants requirements to see what components are most important.

Instructional Resources

KU Writing Center Grant Writing Outline

The “Grant Writing” section of Kansas Universities Writing Center web site discusses the several elements of a grant proposal including the introduction, proposal title, abstract, problem statement of need, objectives, procedure, budget, conclusion, and evaluation. Analyzing these elements and learning exactly what they are composed of will help me in my grant writing process.

The Foundation Center Proposal Writing Tutorial

The foundation website offers many resources in regard to preparing a proposal. The “short course” for proposal writing discusses and explains how to develop the many components of a proposal: executive summary, statement of need, project description, budget, organization information, and conclusion. Steps are given on how to properly develop each element which makes it easy to get started.

Non-Profit Guides

Non-Profit Guides offers several grant writing tools for non-profit organizations. The site describes in-depth the components of a proposal and their significance. Also within the website there are many examples of full proposals along with sample cover letters, sample budgets, and sample inquiry letters.


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