Query Writing Resources

Buzzle discusses the advantages and structure of a query letter. Also within the site are sample query letters which can be very helpful in the process of writing a query letter.


Although is not known to be the most reliable or credible resouce, this peice is very basic and informational and I found it quite helpful.

Writing a Query Letter

Within the website they offer several do’s and don’ts of  writing a query letter. Also provided are some example for each component that a query letter consists of.

Writing World

How to Write a Successful Query, written by Moira Allen, is an article that discusses the values of a query and explains the main essentials of a query letter. She is very detailed in her desciptions hich I found to ber very useful.

Agent Query

I found this article to be very helpful in writing my hook. They provide readers with several examples of hooks for well-known novels and tips on great ways to start your hook.


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