Copyright Resources

U.S. Copyright Office 

The United States Copyright Office provides several resources in regard to copyright law. On the website you can search copyright records, read publications, learn about copyright law and policy, etc. This site will be very beneficial to my understanding of copyright law.

U.S. Patent and Trademark Office

The United States Patent and Trademark Office offers many resources including detailed descriptions of patents and trademarks, explaination of the procceses, and much other useful information in regard to trademarks and patents.


This cool website has a tool which allows you to search the worldwide web to see if anyone has copied your work. If you dont take the time to check, you will never know if someone is stealing your work!

Recent Copyright Issues

Oracle Seeks ‘Billions’ From Google in Java Patent Lawsuit

This dispute between Oracle and Google is ongoing. Oracle claims that Google used their software without their permission; Google “infringed” their patent. By reading this article I became much more aware of how serious the issue of infringement can be.  Google is being sued for around six billion dollars.

Fair Use Defense

This article is about Righthaven and how they sued an author of an article for publishing it with them and another source. Righthaven lost their lawsuit because the Judge declared the entire article was of fair use. It was helpful to read on this issue to better interpret fair use and how t can be applied.

Whitehouse Wants New Copyright Laws

Illegal streaming of audio and video has been occurring since the technology was available. The issue is very controversial and the U.S. government is beginning to address the situation from a much harsher direction. This article discusses intellectual property law to help me better understand its significance in copyright law.


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